Melissa Lockman, LSW, MA, CFI, SEP

Melissa Lockman is a licensed social worker in Boulder County. Melissa has been working with children and families for over a decade. Melissa received a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University (1997), a Master of Arts in women’s studies from Goddard College (2004), and her Master of Social Work from Simmons College (2008). Melissa’s clinical work has focused on promoting healthy relationships among families, especially in the aftermath of various forms of abuse or violence. Melissa’s clinical work has a special focus on the mental health needs of young children and infants in families with high levels of stress or conflict. Melissa has extensive training in the field of trauma.

As a CFI (Child and Family Investigator) Melissa performs forensic evaluations for families. Forensic social work refers to issues involving the law and legal system. At times, the judicial system will request the expertise of a mental health professional to conduct an assessment of a family in order to determine the best interests of a child. These forensic evaluations are usually intended to answer a specific question for the domestic relations court. These evaluations require multiple interviews with the children, family members and others involved with the family.

Melissa’s work as a CFI places emphasis on the uniqueness of each family. Parenting plans are created to meet the individual needs of each family with special attention to the changing needs of growing children. In Melissa’s work as a CFI, she takes the time to get to know family members and to form relationships that allow for positive outcomes even in the most difficult of times for families.

 Melissa would be happy to discuss your evaluation needs with you. Contact her at 303-818-8505.